Sioux City Outer Drive Extension

Outer Drive Extenstion

Sioux City, Iowa

*ACEC National Recognition Award, ACEC Iowa Chapter - Engineering Achievement Award in Transportation

The Outer Drive Extension Project has been called Sioux City’s most complex transportation project to date. HR Green was selected by the City of Sioux City to assist the City in planning, fund procurement, NEPA environmental documentation, design, construction and observation for this $30+ million project. The overall concept of this project was to facilitate improved travel between northern and eastern Sioux City. Grade separations were constructed at the two railroad intersections. Additionally, a federal highway alignment was modified in the vicinity of its intersection with Outer Drive.

Major elements of the project included: over 7,000 feet of relocated railroad; a 1,100 ft. bridge over the Canadian National Railroad and the Floyd River; construction railroad underpass of the Burlington Northern Railroad; construction of a new arterial roadway; public utilities including storm sewer, stormwater pumping station, water main and sanitary sewer; traffic analysis and signal design.

To facilitate funding and competitive bidding, the project was subdivided into four phases and eight bid packages.

Engineering Achievement Award, ACEC - 2010